Bova sox



  • Double Terry Reinforcement at heel and toe
  • Anti-static fibre woven into stripes
  • "X-Static" fibre - anti-static silver coated cotton stripes are knitted into Bova-sox which:
  • Conduct electricity away from the body, through the sock and into the shoe
  • The anti-static effect is permanent and does not diminish over time


Anti-bacterial socks

A range of anti-bacterial and anti-static hosiery socks. BOVASOX are made of 72% cotton / PA blend and treated using Ruco-Bac-AGP silver based anti-microbial technology.

Nano-particals of silver chloride - the same compound which is applied to the latest wound dressing - is anti-bacterial, non-allergenic, harmless to natural skin flora, and environmentally friendly.

The main purpose of anti-bacterial socks is to eliminate bacteria which multiply in the presence of dirt, moisture and heat; causing infections of the foot, body odour, and allergies.

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