What Shoe Does Your Job Need

Choosing The Right Safety Shoe For The Job


Let’s take a look at which style of safety shoes & boots is suitable for different professions. If your job role falls within one of these categories then this should help you speed up the selection process:

Safety Shoes for Truck Drivers

You will need toe protection at the very minimum for any role in construction sites. Moving heavy materials daily and being located on a work site makes you vulnerable to a huge number of potential accidents. If you can opt for the metatarsal safety shoe to protect the upper portion of your foot. Avoid safety shoes and select safety boots as this will provide the most protection to the ankle and leg. This style is also the best safety option for mechanics.

Safety Shoes for TrSafety Shoes for Electricians

As mentioned above, if you’re working with electrics in any form then you should be choosing the ESD safety shoe. Reducing the risk of igniting flammable materials and preventing damage to electrical products is vital. If you spend much of your day mobile then a shoe may be a better option, but if you’re around heavy machinery or stationary then a boot is the recommended safety choice for electrical work.

Safety Shoes for Engineers

If you have contact with electronic products and static charges during your role then you will require the ESD safety shoes or boots. If you have no contact with these products at any point during your work then the steel/composite toe cap safety boot will suffice. This style of safety boot is also recommended for welding activities.

Safety Shoes for Roofers

It’s vital that you protect your toes with a steel/composite toe cap safety boot. If your role involves the moving of heavy objects (roof tiles etc) then you should consider the metatarsal safety boot option to ensure maximum protection at all times.

Safety Shoes for Restaurants

This may not seem like an obvious use for safety shoes but toe protection is very important when in constant contact with sharp objects (knives) and heavy loads (a tray of plates). To fit in with your uniform, the safety shoe is the best option for waiters or those working in the kitchen.